For the farmer

  • Detergents (Rengöringsmedel) 
  • Disinfectants (Desinfektionsmedel)
  • Udder care products (Juvervårdsprodukter)
  • Hoof care products (Klövvårdsprodukter)

For the dairy

  • Detergents and disinfectants (Rengöringsmedel och Desinfektionsmedel)

Bra Kemråd – news 2022

As of September 2022 products with iodine, classified as H373, can be approved. 

As of January 2022 approved product must not contain substances that are on the SIN list.

Bra Kemråd – news 2021

As of June 2021 hoof care products no longer need approval from danish Fødevarestyrelsen. Bra Kemråd's requirements and criteria has been updated accordingly.

Bra Kemråd – news 2016

From July 2016 Bra Kemråd will  be able to assess also hoof care products.

Bra Kemråd – news 2014

From July 2013 Bra Kemråd will not assess chemicals for use in dairy industry. From Januari 2014 silage additives will not be assessed. Assessment of other chemicals for dairy farmers will continue as before.

Chemicals for dairy industry that are already approved remains on the list of approved chemicals until the approval expires. New assessments will be up to the dairy companies.