LRF is working actively to influence and develop several areas. 

Agricultural policy 

LRF’s work in the agricultural policy area is aimed at developing the politicial conditions – internationally, nationally and regionally – required to facilitate profitability, growth and quality of life for people and companies active in the rural sector. 

Animal welfare 

Swedish farmers have adopted values, approaches and guidelines to facilitate sustainable food production. Our responsibility is to ensure the appropriate consideration for livestock and the countryside, using our expertise and values to govern progress in this direction. 

Food and cuisine 

Through a number of projects, LRF is seeking to raise interest in Swedish produce, highlighting the pleasure of good food and the well-being and enjoyment it offers. 

International co-operation 

LRF is a member of the European organisations COPA and COGECA, which are active in Brussels on behalf of farmers and their co-operative companies. On the global level LRF plays an active role in organisations such as the World Farmers´ Organization (WFO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). 

Ownership rights 

Private ownership rights are a precondition for economic development and a market economy, as well as for ensuring that efforts aimed at improving the environment lead to positive results. LRF is active in various ways in securing, clarifying and developing ownership rights. 

School contact programme  

Agriculture is a living teaching medium and – in addition to producing and distributing teaching materials in the form of brochures, posters and books – LRF School Contact offers a nationwide network of farms ideal for school visits. 


In 1986, the LRF Agricultural Research Foundation (SLF) was established to support and influence research in the farming sector.