The overall objective for LRF Horse is more professional horse businesses with increased profitability and competitiveness. LRF Horse works with political questions and rules and regulations that affect the market and business development as well promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and business enterprise within the horse industry. LRF Horse has prioritized three fields of activity:


The horse and horse business enterprise should be seen as a given and natural part in common agricultural policy. Simplification of regulations and administrative easing and other measures to strengthen the competitiveness and the profitability of the trade must continue and be intensified. A high level of expertise in all parties and a good exchange of information should be promoted in order to create a confidential climate between public control authorities and the enterprisers when it comes to animal welfare and the implementation of regulations.

Entrepreneurship and business development

The experienced profitability in the trade must increase. LRF Horse alone and together with partners seek to strengthen horse business enterprise through development of tools and information around entrepreneurship and management.

Public awareness

LRF Horse works to expose the importance of Swedish horse business enterprise and the great social benefit horses, horse business enterprises and the entire horse industry contributes to. Together with the Swedish Horse Industry Foundation we spread knowledge about the abundant amount of added values the Swedish horse industry offers and the significance of Swedish horse business enterprise for open landscapes, rural economy, jobs, as a natural bridge between urban and rural areas and much more.

The work in LRF Horse is led by a board, the LRF Horse Delegation. The decision-making body consists of member organisations, namely: Swedish Trotting Association, Swedish Equestrian Federation, Swedish Icelandic Horse Association, Breeding Association for Trotters in Sweden, Swedish Horse Board, Federation of Swedish Farmers, Swedish Cooperation Committee of Utility Horses, Western Riders Association of Sweden, Swedish National Organisation for Riding Schools, The District Farriers and Swedish Horse Industry Foundation.

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