LRF Contractors was established in March 2018 and is a collaboration between LRF and 4 other organizations that works in the green industry. (Sveriges Maskinringar, Farmartjänstföretagens Riksorganisation, Skogsentreprenörerna and Landsföreningen Sveriges Maskinstationer).

The purpose is for the parties to work together to create better conditions for the green industry´s contractors. To strengthen the Swedish Entrepreneurship’s influence and opportunities in the commercial and political market through a comprehensive and efficient organization for industry-specific issues. LRF Contractors delegation is a forum for competition-neutral issues. The aim is to increase the Swedish Entrepreneur industry´s ability to create profitability, competitiveness and growth by working closely with each other. LRF Contractors has located 6 target areas where the 5 parties including LRF will collaborate.

• Communication Industry
• Digitalization (Big Data / GDPR etc.)
• Enterprise policy cooperation
• Public procurement
• Entrepreneurial Identity
• Finance-how to gain capital

LRF Contractors - we work for better conditions for the green industry’s contractors.