LRF Dairy Sweden represents the Swedish dairy sector. We are committed to promoting Swedish dairy production and strengthen insights of the dairy production’s positive impact for Sweden. Worldwide demand for milk grows 2,5 percent annually. To exploit growing global food demand, the Swedish dairy industry needs more milk and the dairy farmer improved conditions for a more profitable production.

LRF Dairy Sweden is highly competent in all areas concerning milk and is firmly established in the Swedish dairy sector. It is our mission to inspire and inform policy makers, opinion-formers and consumers as to how Swedish dairy is a natural part of a sustainable future – economically, ecologically and socially. We also distribute our macro analysis of opportunities within the dairy market to the sector, with the goal that more farmers invest in and develop their enterprises.

Milk key figures

Swedish milk key figures to download as PDF or Power Point.

Milk key figures in Sweden (PDF)
Milk key figures in Sweden (Power Point)